Our goal is to provide unbiased, innovative and most importantly, objective financial advice.

Financial Advisory

As the dynamics of the investment markets are constantly in flux, Calabasas Capital can help entrepreneurs maximize the enterprise value of their companies by evaluating and adjusting balance sheet composition. By achieving the proper balance of long-term debt, common stock, preferred stock and retained earnings, a company can leverage its financial position and optimize the sources and uses of working capital.

Strategic Advisory/Business Development

The principals of Calabasas Capital have been hired by entrepreneurial companies to assist in developing strategic plans, building financial models, and sourcing and structuring strategic partnerships. Calabasas Capital provides these services to companies that are often from one to several years away from pursuing a transaction.

In partnership with valuation-specific firms, Calabasas Capital also provides:

Valuation of Securities

Calabasas Capital has close working relationships with valuation-only firms that utilize a multi- disciplinary approach of sophisticated analytical techniques combined with practical merger and acquisition and corporate finance experience to formulate unique and accurate valuations of businesses and securities. When the determination of value is part of a legal, tax, or regulatory proceeding, Calabasas Capital may be able to offer expert witness testimony.

Fairness Opinions

The principals of Calabasas Capital have in the past brought in valuation firms to provide fairness opinions to Boards of Directors, shareholders, trustees, and courts of law. Calabasas Capital and its valuation firm contacts conduct a thorough due diligence process to evaluate similar information and variables utilized to arrive at a valuation analysis. Our methodology includes careful consideration of not only the structure of the transaction, but also takes into account the financial, legal, accounting, and tax implications of the deal.