Mezzanine Debt Capital Raise for i.e. distribution

Mezzanine Debt Capital Raise for i.e. distributioni.e. distribution, at the time the largest footwear licensee of the World Industries brand (owned by Globe International), acquired World Industries with financing sourced by David Bonrouhi, a managing director of Calabasas Capital while he was at a prior firm, from St. Cloud Capital, LLC, a Los Angeles-based private investment firm.

In his role as financing advisor to i.e.d., David and his team advised the company on its financing alternatives, solicited interest from a variety mezzanine investment funds, business development companies and other non-bank cash flow lenders, and created a competitive process. i.e.d. decided to pursue a transaction with St. Cloud Capital and the financing and the acquisition were simultaneously consummated.

Barry Lublin, a shareholder and the CFO of i.e.d., said “We were amazed at the job David and his team did. They got us competing proposals from multiple investment groups and ultimately the deal we completed looked identical to what David told us we could expect before we engaged him.  David is an excellent investment banker.  We later engaged David to assist us in a financial advisory capacity with one of our other companies in the action sports industry.”